An easy walk I thought.  No point catching a chairlift from Thredbo - might as well enjoy the day and walk up from Charlottes Pass .

​WOW was I not ready for the weather I encountered on reaching Jindabyne where I would stay the night before climbing.  After all it was summer.  I had just driven down from the Gold Coast where the weather was nearly 40*C.  But… here I was and the weather had dropped to 3*C.  ahhhh  I had to stop and buy a warm jacket, gloves and a beanie.  SO MY BEST ADVICE TO YOU - no matter if it's summer - take warm clothes.

I would find out the next day - speaking to a local gear guy that there a number of 'idiots' that walk up there without an emergency beacon.  'hmm really ?' I replied.  I was one of them. Of course I didn't tell him that.  lol..

Turns out you can pick up a beacon from the local police station.  There is no track to really follow and it's quite easy to wonder in the wrong direction if you're not paying attention.  The weather changes quickly and the snow can cover any resemblance  of a path you might have been following.

People have got lost and died.  One poor guy (army trained) has still not been found since 2013.  

However, having said all that - if I had an emergency beacon I probably would have pushed the button.  Walking to the summit was not hard.  I did wonder a few times if I was heading in the right direction as there was no one around.  I only saw 2 people on the way up.  

At the summit however, there were heaps of people who had caught the chairlift and some even with a picnic.  Although, way tooooo cold for a picnic.

​It was  on the way down the other side (completing the circuit) that went on and on and on.  Not a soul in sight.  The weather heated up - the sun was now beaming down on me.  There was no shelter and no scenery - just a bitumen road and a track.  I seriously thought I was lost.  It was hours before I spotted 2 people walking in the opposite direction and asked them if they had come from the carpark.  YES they had - woohoo I was heading in the direction of civilisation - otherwise I would have sat out there in the middle of nowhere and pushed the button.  lol..

So - if you are planning on climbing - rest assured the loop does take you back to the car.  Have warm clothes.  Grab an emergency beacon to be safe.  And enjoy...

Charlottes Pass to Mt Kosciuszko

Main Range Walk circuit - 21.9km


DATE : 8th December 2011


Highest mountain in Australia