There I was in Antarctica.  The most amazing place on earth and yet I noticed that nearly everyone was on an iPhone or iPad or iPod. 

When we returned to Punta Arenas people couldn't believe that I wasn't carrying a phone nor was I on Facebook.  

So I thought I would add this YouTube video - 'Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?' by Prince Ea.

A MUST SEE !!!  This says it all.


Copyright 2013.  Margaret Suanez.  All rights reserved.

I saw no greater laughter and happiness than from the children in Tanzania.  

Did they have computers, technology or chocolate? No.  But what they did have was love, laughter and happiness.  All free, all pure.


Live a life without regrets.

Ask yourself - will I regret this if I do it?  will I regret this if I don't?  and there you will find your answer.


Every chance you don't take is an opportunity missed.

How often do we contemplate decisions - love, travel, adventures...  only to look back and wish we had taken the chance.


I have never understood how a human being can hurt another human being so much and I never will.

It takes much less energy to be kind and understanding.  Not to mention it makes YOU feel so much better.


​​On your death bed, you are not going to be wishing that you had spent another hour at work or in a meeting or washing floors or ironing.

You are however, going to wish that you told the people that matter how much you love them, that you made time to play with the kids, that you went on adventures and that you did all those things that you always planned to do.  

Don't put it off.  Live as if you will die tomorrow.


Sometimes we are so busy wishing for things that we don't have that we forget to appreciate the things we do have.

Then you look back and realise that some of the happiest times of your life were when you had nothing.


When did we become so serious???

When was the last time you were just silly and laughed.  

Looking at life through the eyes and heart of a 6 year old puts things in perspective.