The photography course was run by Roger and Jenny from CAMERAHOLS.  An unbelievable 'extrodianary' and 'fantastic' couple.

I spent the days with Roger and Chris (the other student on the course).  The days were filled driving along the coast and around the most beautiful countryside learning photography in a relaxed atmosphere.  We would have lunch in small villages along the way - hidden secrets.  the food was to die for.  We would head back in the afternoon to learn photoshop techniques and finally end the days with more amazing gourmet food, great wine and laughter late into the night.  Chris and I would stumble home to our bed and breakfast down the road - lit only by the moonlight.  Oh how laughed...

The best week in France !!!                 A true french experience...

Arrived in PARIS on August 15th, 2008 on a spur of the moment decision to start living LIFE !!!

And...  what a decision it was.

Learning to relax again.  Sitting back, drinking coffee, sightseeing and enjoying the fresh air.  The romance of Paris is intoxicating - quite easy to drift into a dream.

The journey would see me spend two nights in Paris before catching a train to La Rochelle (a seaport city on the Bay of Biscay in western France) where I would spend an amazing week in the countryside doing a photography course.  I would then head back to Paris to meet up with "Trafalgar Tours' and embark on a two week 'Best of France' bus tour around France.  Along the way I would meet extraordinary people, taste amazing food, laugh, laugh and begin to live again.


                                                                                                        The beginning of retirement...

To France I went...

The food, the countryside, the people, the culture and of course Paris itself was breath taking.

One of the most romantic countries in the world.

Travelling around France, taking photos, I would meet some of the most interesting people, share stories and laughter and enjoy some of the best food in the world.


                FRANCE - 2008