Lake Manyara National Park / Serengetti / Ngorogoro

4 days / 3 nights


Travelled with: Soko Adventures - Arusha

Excellent local company

Email sent from Tanzania (as part of my volunteer trip to Tanzania)

What an amazing week!!!!    What an amazing 2 months!!!! 

So I was a little tired after Kilimanjaro and it appeared I had left my brain up on the mountain for the next 3 days - as it took a full minute to answer even the simplest of questions (I'm sure people were thinking I had been left with permanent brain damage from altitude sickness) ha ha ha  But - by Thursday night I appeared to have recovered and again after just one beer (yes only one) I thought I could sing and encouraged by the roar of the crowd I continued on (although now I realise that they probably wanted me to stop) - hee hee hee....

Somehow when we get together for the social nights - the Australians seem to stick together like some sort of choir - so I blame my partner in crime (Lauren from Perth).  Oh my God!!! - this time there was actually a signing teacher in the crowd  - ha ha ha I think she was going to sign us up. 

Anyhow - recovered and set off on our Safari on Friday morning. (Louisa & Lea from Denmark, Sabrina from France, Nadia from Scotland and ME)      
Boy was I still tired and thought 'what am I doing'??????  but once we arrived in Lake Manyara and started to spot the animals - I thought WOW WOW WOW  
OK - so it was only monkeys to start with and like some lunatics we took at least 50 photos of monkeys (like we've never seen one before) - this was followed by 50 shots of each animal that appeared - no kidding (600 photos later) we were still laughing.  The scenery changed from park to park and all I can say it was spectacular.  Serengetti was my favourite but the crater floor in Ngorogoro was like somethng out of Noah's Ark.  Let's just say we were truly amazed.  By end of the second night we sat in camp wishing we had brought some wine with us - when miracously a bottle of red and 5 glasses appeared from the tour guide - yeah!!!!!   

Watching the sunset whilst having a glass - was the best day I had spent in Africa and the 4 days on Safari were the most relaxing time I have ever had I think. I have saved you having to sit through 3 hours of Marg's holiday photo slide show and have only included a couple of the shots of the animals (aren't I kind) - but if you come to visit you will have to sit through it all again.  

The first sighting of the lions was - WOW!!!! but we were sooooo spoilt on this safari (leopards, cheetahs, pied of lions...) that by the last day we were saying 'Oh it's just another lion...' - ha ha ha 
All in all - a most amazing adventure and one I wont ever forget.   

I have spent the day by the pool - the social will be held tomorrow night - Wednesday this week (just for me - ha ha ha) - or so I tell myself and THEN I will be getting picked up by taxi at 7am Thursday and HEADING HOME!!!!!!!           

SO SEE YOU ALL BACK IN AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Thanks for keeping me amused with all your email replies - even you Alex!!!!!  and ofcourse Poo (who told me this was all Karma for giving her a hard time at Cabra - ha ha ha) 

​LUV YOU XXXXXXXXXXXXX  Be good.... Marg... 

Dates: 24th - 27th September, 2010​