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Base Camp - Condoriri Range

The team on the Summit of Cerro Austria

1.40pm Wed 10th June 2015

This night photos of our tents at Base Camp were taken by Hugo Picchioni using a 30sec time lapse.


The team on the Summit of Pequeno Alpamayo 11.50am Sat 13th June 2015

Condoriri - Pequeno Alpamayo - 5,450m

2nd climb

DATES: 3rd - 21st June 2015

CLIMBING WITH : ​Berg Adventures International

(excellent company)

Mt Sajama - 6542m

​The highest mountain in BOLIVIA


Cerro Austria - 5,396m

First climb

La Paz - Bolivia 3,65om

The Start...

So - Raf said 'Come climb with us'  What???  I've just got back from Everest.  I can't just jump on a plane and head off to Bolivia.  Can I ???  Heck yes I can - why not?  


I had the best time EVER.  Laughing and climbing with friends was just what the soul needed.  I already knew Raf - but from the moment we all met at breakfast that first day we just hit it off.  We laughed from morning till night.  The best bunch of guys.  WOW - what a way to recover from Everest.  Some things in life are just meant to be.

Copacabana & Lake Titicaca - 3,856m

Heaven - Sunday 7th June

Today was one of the best days of my life.

Everyone is getting along so well. We just laugh and laugh and laugh. 

First we travelled to Tiwanaku to see the ancient ruins and archeological site.  Teodore is a really good informative guide.  Then we stopped for lunch before driving to Lake Titicaca.  We stopped a million times along the way to take a million photos and had a million laughs.  Finally we arrived at Puerte de San Pedro (a small town on the lake) where we caught the barge across.  Again we laughed and took photo upon photo before reaching the other side of the lake.  Osvaldo said he has never had a team like ours where everyone just gets along so perfectly.  I'm very glad I made the decision to come along.

We arrived in Copacabana - Hotel Rosario around 5.30pm in time to take a million photos of the sunset (as you do).  We were shown to our rooms and we ran around like kids checking each others rooms out.  The decor is amazing, the view over the lake to die for.  The BEST hotel ever.  You can have a bubble bath and watch the sunset (of course I did).  Then dinner with the guys.  The perfect day.  Definitely doing it BERG style.  lol..

Monday 8th June

Another magical day.  At 9am we caught a boat across to Isla del Sol where we hiked up to the top whilst looking for fossils.  It was a lot of fun - just like being kids again.  Teodore kept us amused.  We did some shopping and a lot of bartering for the best price and ended up with a lot of place mats. ha ha ha I bet they have never seen such a bunch of lunatics before.  Then we hiked down to the lake where the boat picked us up and took us further up the island for lunch.  

An amazing traditional native Bolivian lunch overlooking the lake.  Life seriously doesn't get better than this.  Back to the boat for a 50min ride back to Copacabana.  Time for a glass of wine and a bubble bath whilst I lay back and watch the sunset.​​


Above Photos - Berg Adventures Int 


The Climbers

Margaret Suanez 

Rafael Etges (Brazil/Canada)

Trevor Stuart (Canada)

Hugo Picchioni (Brazil)

The Guides

Osvaldo Cortez





Maria Torrez