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How do I get myself into these things. Easily led - that's how !!!!

Tim & Terri (who I met in Russia) said 'Why don't you come and climb Cotopaxi with us in Ecuador?'  'No - no' I said.  I've been travelling too much this year and need to be realistic and save money.  I'm going to Bolivia, I can't possibly meet you in Ecuador.'

So there I was in Bolivia - thinking as I usually do - 'What on earth am I doing here'  ahhhhh     'Whose idea was this?'  'I'm going to die!'  'Never again.'   AND then...  I'm standing on the summit and I find myself saying  'OMG I love you - I love everyone - I'm so happy'.  Mind you I should remember that it's probably a moment of delirium (total exhaustion, lack of oxygen and dehydration) - and more than likely I need to be committed or medicated.  Probably both !!!

Of course I barely make it down the mountain (I'm sure Osvaldo was thinking Holy crap) - I promise myself NEVER AGAIN - But... a cup of tea, a warm sleeping bag, a good sleep and I find myself saying   'See you in Ecuador'. ha ha ha    Definitely need medication.

Mind you after much planning and reconsidering, I booked the flights.  Less than 12hrs after hitting the pay button - Cotopaxi ERUPTED!!!!  ha ha ha  of course it did.  My brother says where ever I go there is always a natural disaster.  The eruption of Cotopaxi is not the unusual thing - the fact you weren't climbing it as it did is unusual.  Once again everyone is a comedian.  I was disappointed but Berg Adventures quickly came up with a PLAN B and it sounds amazing.  Below is my own personal calendar  for the trip.  Any day that says 'Summit Day' will be the days that I'm questioning my sanity.

FAST FORWARD - Nov 1st 2015

Only 2 weeks before I fly out...

OMG I will be dead before I even leave home.  I received a phone call from Tim & Terri (the comedians) this morning.  I missed the call but they left a message saying how they had just been out to an all you can eat buffet and were now heading out to drink Margaritas and Bloody Marys.  Very funny!   I returned the call and left a message (they really do appear be out drinking!) - anyhow I left a message warning them that I had a contract out on both of them - dead or alive!  Of course whilst they are out partying - I on the other hand am carrying on like a lunatic training training training - I seriously don't know why as it never appears to make any difference.  (a 5hr pack climb as my heart rate monitor warns me of an impending heart attack and informs me I have burnt 2486cal). The heart attack I believe.  The calories - ha ha ha I'm no skinnier. lol...  

Seriously - Tim & Terri are on my hit list !!!!


Dispatches from Berg Adventures during the climb for anyone interested or in need of a good laugh.

ECUADOR - Volcanoes

Guagua Pichincha - 4,784m

Ruca Pichincha - 4,784m

Imbabura - 4,630m

Cayambe - 5,790m

Chimborazo - 6,310m  (Highest mountain in Ecuador)

Thurs 12th Nov

Oh God - less than a week to go and I can't fit into my climbing pants. ahhhhhhh

Nobody told me KFC was not mountain food !!!

Tim informs me he is having the same problem - only his diet consists of Margaritas. lol..

DATES : 16 Nov - 8 Dec 2015

WOW the years are flying by...

It has occurred to me that the trips I have undertaken in the past 3yrs have all been on the spur of the moment when some mad friends has said 'so what are you doing?  Come climb with us.'

Or more to the point… I am probably the mad one as I say 'Sure - why not'.

The trips to Ecuador in 2015, 2017 & now 2018 are still to be written about.  Life is in fast forward at the moment.  It's time to slow down and breath in that mountain air again !


The Climbers
Margaret Suanez 
Terri Truman  (Canada)
Tim Truman  (Canada)

Marie-Jose Fellay  (Switzerland)

Martial Fellay  (Switzerland)

The Guides
Osvaldo Cortez
Sergio Lopez
Alex Tintas

Maria Torrez

CLIMBING WITH : Berg Adventures International

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